Monday, October 18, 2010

MT24EX concave diffuser quick update

As mentioned in this post, I have been testing this simple yet effective diffuser for my Canon MT24EX twin flash. It's a variation of SteB1's cup diffuser. He's one of the most brilliant macro experts I've met online!

The front of the diffuser does tend to get in the way when i try to approach my subjects. I trimmed a bit off the PP material on the front and the side but ended up with light spill, resulting in part of the image being brighter than the rest of the image. The affected area is normally on the sides.

The solution, is, however, really simple.
DIY concave Diffuser for the MT24EX on a canon 40D and MPE65 Macro Lens
40D, MPE65 lens, MT24EX Twin Flash, DIY Diffuser

I use 3M medical tape to hold the concave diffuser onto the MT24EX adatper, but you can use moldable plastic to DIY a better and more secure way of holding the diffuser in place.

While i've trimmed away the front and side of the transparent PP material, I left the polystyrene protruding beyond the transparent housing.
DIY Diffuser on a 40D body, MPE65 1x-5x macro lens and MT24EX twin flash - cup diffuser 06-04-10_1340
40D, MPE65 lens, MT24EX Twin Flash, DIY Diffuser

Sometimes I bend the polystyrene sheet back a little to prevent light spill and to prevent the background from  becoming too bright, or to prevent the diffuser from getting in the way.
DIY concave Diffuser on 40D, MPE65 and MT24EX
40D, MPE65 lens, MT24EX Twin Flash, DIY Diffuser

MT24EX is lighter and more hassle free to use than a diffused speedlight on a flash bracket, but more expensive. With the MT24EX, when the working distance changes from 4 inches (1:1) to 2 inches (3:1), all I need to do is the click the flash heads all the way down. I normally leave it at one click up when shooting at anything between 1:1 to 2:1.

A diffused speedlight on a flash bracket is, of course, slightly heavier.
Weight aside, it is really troublesome to have to adjust the ballheads to re-position your diffuser when the working distance changes! Of course, you don't always have to use the 580EX II / 430EX (or equivalence). The 270EX will work just fine, as demonstrated in these great macro rigs from my friends.


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